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Working with God (Pt. 2)

What is your God-given calling? When we consider this question. a common confusion, and subsequent stagnation, comes from the fact that there is more than one green light put before us. God has given us…

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Working with God (Pt. 1)

You cannot work for God as you should unless you can first walk with God – and walking with God as you should will always compel you to get to work! Fruitfulness comes from a healthy rhythm of both of these elements.

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Walking with God (Pt. 2)

Our priorities, actions, and lifestyle are determined by the state of our inner world. That which is within will always determine how we behave on the outside. You can’t bring peace to the world if you have only chaos in your…

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Walking with God (Pt. 1)

In the mire of life’s complexity, it can be hard to fathom God’s greater plan for you. What looks to you as being confused, inconsistent in direction, and frustratingly slow, is from God’s perspective, a developing mosaic of grace and purpose. 

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A Heart Journey

We are called in Christ to overcome. Through the midst of failure and challenge we can continue to experience the joy of forgiveness, power, and grace in ever-increasing measure. In this blog I share my experience, hoping it may save…

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Overcoming Spiritual Exhaustion Pt. 2

You were designed to LIVE, not merely exist. Your spiritual lungs were created for grace – it is time to let them breathe. Will you choose to partner with God in a new way, or attempt to go it alone? Continue reading and discover real life…

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Overcoming Spiritual Exhaustion (Pt. 1)

Do you spend more spiritual energy than you receive? Most people would say yes. They are far more aware of the spiritual and emotional withdrawals in their life than they are of God’s deposits. Understandably, this can be quite frustrating!

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Dust and Breath (Pt. 2)

Many wonder if they will have to wait for heaven to witness some real power, meaning, or even just fruitful time with God. Yet we can experience the power and presence of God in ways we never dreamed or imagined, today. Discover how…

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Dust and Breath (Pt. 1)

How do you respond when you read the New Testament description of life with God? Can you imagine actually seeing seas calmed, bodies healed, thousands saved, and prisoners released? Would you love to see a little more of that for yourself?

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