Sunday nights at SouthPine (2)

It is no secret that I love being in environments where we make intentional space for God to work deeply in people’s lives. But that’s just me, and God works in us in many ways and places. Our adjusted worship/teaching setting is one important element of Sunday...

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Sunday nights at SouthPine (1)

In the previous article, we saw that having an overall model for how to grow people is incredibly powerful. With it we can categorise various activities and environments, making sure all the vital elements are in place to meet a defined development goal. Fleshing that...

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A Biblical Model for Development

The Bible deals with us as whole-people, and regards the spiritual development process as one which sanctifies both in our inner and outer world. May God himself, the God of peace, sanctify you through and through. May your whole spirit, soul and body be kept...

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Key Stages of Development

What's next in my growth journey? The New Testament defines spiritual maturity quite simply ... it is the degree to which you are following and empowered by God's Spirit. Maturity is not primarily a function of how much you know, or how long you have been a...

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An Integrated Development Model

Building Healthy People  To create a church culture where people are developed, challenged, and yet also able to be healed and nurtured, the following elements should be considered.. A Development Framework that addresses our head, heart and hands - and creates a...

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A Prophetic Culture

What is a prophetic culture, and why does it matter? Don’t we have enough to do without worrying about another addition to our idea of church? Therein lies the problem. We have our idea of church, and God has His – and sometimes the two ideas seem to oppose each...

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Movements of Maturity

For many years now researchers and practitioners have sought out and identified the significant way-points on a typical person’s spiritual journey. Inevitably they compile these way-points into specific stages of growth. The general idea is that one stage cannot be...

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Relational Rhythm

In my early Christian years, I became something of a theological zealot. My devotional reading was Berkhof’s Systematic Theology, and my idea of relaxation was to bury my head in a commentary. Knowledge of God was my idea of closeness to God. Decades later, and after...

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Whole-person Growth

Whole-person Growth Back when we started, we were seeing lives changed so significantly, and so often, that we wanted to know what we were doing so right! Participants in our courses were being transformed in so many ways we couldn't keep up. And the transformation...

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A Vision for More

Is there more of God’s power to experience for my people? . Can it be seen with dignity & substance? . Can I see more profound transformation? I long to see people’s hearts and bodies restored; hope regained and gifts released. . Can a conservative church genuinely...

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