Development Huddles

Resourced small groups with a win in mind

Learning together with challenging assignments

A whole-person approach including training, relationships and stretching experiences.



Any group of disciples or leaders who meet with a goal of growing in a specific area, or achieving a ministry outcome.

The 5C/4D development model is applied to ensure participants are grown as whole people through multiple development dynamics. More here.


Grow in the foundations of the Christian faith with a group of other disciples. Includes stretching experiences, activities and learning.


Only leaders can grow leaders. These Huddles are for those who have leadership responsibility, and are developing others.


There are gender-specific issues that go beyond standard discipleship. The Huddles address issues and achieve things that matter to men and women.

The 5C/4D Development Framework


Jesus knew how to make disciples and leaders. If we distil down his method we can see that He combined very simply a combination of dynamics to achieve the desired goal.

Our resources take the proven scriptural model developed by our friend Malcolm Webber at the globally awarded LeaderSource SGA, and expands them to a local-church discipleship context. We also utilise some of the most useful ideas from Peter Scazerro, Henry Cloud and the Reveal research to define the flight path and healing process.

When creating a growth culture for your setting, you can adopt the following simple framework.


For whatever your development goal(s), you simply form a collage of growing experiences utilising one or more of the four dynamics of transformation. 

If your goal is categoriesed by the 5C's, then the participant will grow in their union with Christ, and connection with people, making the other three categories possible to achieve sustainably.

Learn more on Design at a Building Healthy Leaders course. Principles learned can be applied to discipleship as well as leadership development.

(4D) Process

To ensure people grow fully, we utilise the following four dynamics (4D):.

  1. SPIRITUAL: Connecting people to God for new forms of grace.
  2. RELATIONAL: A relational web where people grow together.
  3. EXPERIENTIAL: Providing stretching tasks and environments.
  4. INSTRUCTIONAL: Giving information that transforms when its needed.

(5C) Goal

God is interested in building whole and healthy people. Every path of growth should be focused on one or more of the following areas:.

  1. CHRIST: Deep, life-giving union with Christ.
  2. COMMUNITY: Growing in authentic relationships.
  3. CHARACTER: Integrity, capacity, and spiritual fruit.
  4. CALLING: Focusing on our God-given gifts and calling.
  5. COMPETENCY: Skills and knowledge to live God's way. 


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