Common questions about the Spirit & Truth initiative. Contact us for any other questions

What are the core goals of this initiative?
  1. To assist churches in creating a credible culture of powerful spiritual vibrancy and whole-person development.
  2. To provide resources, training and events in which other churches can join in as required.
  3. To cross denominational boundaries, and resource those churches who long for more of what the new Testament promises.
How can my church best tap in to your help with all this?

Any leader or church globally is free to make use of the resources found on this site. If you are located on the north side of Brisbane, Australia, you can join us for workshops and retreats easily. Contact us about your situation and we will see how best to work in with you.

Can I come to SouthPine for training and courses?

We work hard to accommodate everyone possible. If you are located on the north side of Brisbane, Australia, you can join us for workshops and retreats easily. Contact us about your situation and we will see how best to work in with you.

Who should order to pick up at SouthPine?

If you are able to pick up your order from SouthPine Church, you are welcome to use that option. All other orders and deliveries are facilitated by our distributors globally. SouthPine Church will not be organizing delivery of goods to customers.

Is there a proven way to bring this culture safely into a church?

Yes. We have seen and facilitated that process many times. It is key, however, that the senior leader of the church supports and endorses the intended cultural change.

The process is best initiated by some key leaders participating in the process first. Then, they can share their experience, and either be trained in how to take next steps, and/or progressively introduce other members to the journey. Read Case Study 1: 2000+ church; and Case Study 2: 200+ church.

How do we use the materials?

Most development resources are designed to be drip-fed over a number of weeks. Content is read daily, with the weekly group meetings focused on sharing responses and applying the concepts. If a spiritual retreat is included in a curriculum, then participants can either join in an existing retreat with other churches, or be resourced to run their own.

How can I get my leaders trained?

Bring them along to our workshops, and let us walk with them through the journey. If you can’t get to us, resources will be coming online that you can use to train them yourself.

What is the history of this initiative?

Starting 2004, in a large baptist church in Brisbane, we first saw the benefits of intentionally combining the best of good practice and sound theology with the indispensable power of God to change lives. See the back story here. Through constant refinement, learning from mistakes, and trying new things, we saw thousands of lives significantly transformed and healed. Materials and programs were produced that played a large part in the success.

In 2016 the author, Patrick Hegarty, took on the senior role at SouthPine church. With a desire to resource the broader church, and the signs of transformation showing early at SouthPine, it was decided to begin the Spirit & Truth initiative for the sake of the broader kingdom.

What is the theology underpinning the material?

We adhere to standard evangelical Christian theology, with an obvious charismatic edge. We are affiliated with Queensland Baptists, and adhere to their belief guidelines.

What is the strategy behind the course topics?

The courses are matched to coincide and somewhat catalyse key transitional movements in a disciple’s journey. Comprehensive research from sources such as the Reveal For Church and developments of the early Engel Scale point to a clear pathway of spiritual maturity. Certain elements of character, belief, practices and emotional health combine to facilitate growth to each stage.

Through utilising Spiritual dynamics, Relational dynamics, Experiential dynamics, and Instructional dynamics, the resources we have developed facilitate a whole-person growth process.

Can I combine the cost of registration, retreat and materials?

Yes. Go to our calendar of events and register. Cost of materials and retreats is included.

When can I pick up materials?

Normal office hours apply, Monday through Friday. Call in advance to ensure your stock is ready.


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