Courses for Building Healthy People

Specifically chosen to address the issues that matter, our workshops equip people in the skills and knowledge needed for whole-person growth.

Designed for specific stages of spiritual development, these courses have transformed countless lives.

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A powerful journey into transformation

Delving deeply into the powerful rhythm of Repentance & Belief. This impacting course equips participants in how to identify and overcome their old nature, and become the pneumatikos (spiritual person). Includes proven dynamics of growth: Spiritual; Relational; Experiential; and Instructional. We recommend taking participants on a profound mid-course retreat to engage with God in a new way. Leader notes available.

Suited for:

Discipleship Intensive: Most powerful when done regularly as part of church discipleship strategy, and combined with a mid-course retreat..
Small Groups: Group notes included.
Individuals: Enjoy as a 6-week devotional.

Rhythms of grace

Building Healthy Leaders

Applying the 5C/4D model in the local church

LeaderSourceSGA_LogoJesus taught disciples and leaders in a very simple but effective way. His timeless method has been researched and explained in the works of Malcolm Webber, and applied to the materials and principles found on this site.

This short workshop (1 night/1 day) inducts people into the basics of the model, and how to begin designing the growth path of others.

Suited for:

Leadership Development: A great induction for those developing others into Malcolm Webber’s powerful model of growth.

Rhythms of grace

Unlocking the Rhythms of Grace

To grow, we need to morph our walk with God

Discovering the next stage in our walk God often requires a new rhythm. We need to do something different in the strength we have, relying on God to bring new grace for a new day.  This book is great introduction to the vision and concepts relating to our evolving walk with God. Participants discover the Rhythms of Grace such as: Walking & Working; Spirit & Truth; Repent & Believe; and Faith & Deeds.


Rhythms of grace

Suited for:

Church-wide Campaign: Take your whole church on a profound journey in to a more powerful walk with God. Introduces principles that are applied deeply in subsequent materials.
Small Groups: Group notes available free.
Individuals: Enjoy as a 40-day devotional.


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