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Emotionally Healthy Spirituality SouthPine Community Church
  • October 12, 2017 6:30 pm
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Discipleship; Leadership development; and Soul-care.
Only the local church can do it.

For too long churches have been unable to create a thorough discipleship and development culture. We have spent over a decade, working with thousands, to make it possible and simple. Now you can do it too.

Partner churches:


More elements of transformation


Thursday nights and Saturdays are the setting for catalytic training. Many courses are open to other churches. Check our course calendar for dates.

Sunday Nights:

A unique church experience with “no-chairs” worship, practical teaching, and personal ministry. Huddle groups after supper.


Fully resourced small groups with a specific development focus. More than a small group, huddles stretch members and equip to grow.


Innovative materials proven to activate growth and facilitate soul-care. Available for whole churches, groups, and discipleship programs.

An integrated model

An Integrated Model

With these elements in place, a healthy development culture can fit seamlessly into your local church:

A Development Framework that works.

Impacting Resources that catalyse growth.

Growth Environments such as huddles & courses.

Wall-breakers to bring break-through and healing.

A Church-wide Culture with common process.


Innovative Resources

Use our unique resources designed for this model. New material coming online regularly.

Catalytic courses: Designed to help participants initiate key-movements of growth.

Huddle Resources: Designed around a clear framework that makes leading Huddles easy.

Church-wide campaign: Introduces your whole church to the big principles of ongoing growth in Christ.


Whole-person Growth

Combining development with healthy Soul-Care principles. Helping people be healed as well as fruitful.

Soul-care: Nurture and healing for our inner-world.

Spiritual dynamic: Changed by encountering grace.

Relational dynamic: A web of connections in 360 deg.

Experiential dynamic: Grown by applying ideas to life.

Instructional dynamic: Content that impacts.

Since 2004, the teaching and practices we give to you in this website have been tested by practitioners, and scrutinised by academics. They are sound, and they work.

I began by transitioning our large, word-centred, middle-class church into the very best of development, transformation and renewal. They continue to see that growth and momentum. Now I am doing it in a whole new way in a different setting.

Along the way I developed a library of resources and experience that have benefited churches everywhere. As a kingdom-based initiative, I want to see local churches thrive as they should, impacting the community God has given them.

Patrick Hegarty

Patrick Hegarty

Senior Pastor - Author

Mine has been a highly specific journey with God. When I was young, I wanted to change the world … but God wanted to change me. What I learned and experienced over 30 years is my gift to you. Take it. Learn from it. I know it will bear fruit in your life.

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