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This Sunday morning after the service, is an important member’s meeting as we consider the 2019 budget, and extending the Associate Pastor’s role to being full-time. With so many members, it is vital that as many as possible attend to ensure we have a quorum. It was a little bit close last time!

Church News:


Celebrate Christmas with SouthPine – Food, Carols and Family Fun!
– Sunday 23rd December
– 5pm | Sausage Sizzle, Rides, Kids Games & Activities 
– 7pm | Carols

Also our Christmas Services are as follows:
– Christmas Eve | 5pm
– Christmas Day | 9am
See you there!! 

Christmas Hampers!!

Have you got a few dollars to spare when you do your groceries this Christmas?
If you do I’d love it if you could grab some extra dry goods or some special luxury items (think Bon-bons, boxes of chocolates, puddings etc.) that we could use in hampers to bless those in our community doing it thought over the Christmas period.

Do you know someone who needs a pick me up or a bit of extra cheer this Christmas?

I will be asking the school Chappies for any family’s they’re aware of who would benefit from a hamper but please let me know if you know of anyone else, let’s love people and serve the world with joy together this Christmas!!

Please drop your donations in the basket at church or contact Bec Weatherford on 0401471541 to arrange drop off or pick up. All donations need to be in by Tuesday the 18th of December, I will deliver hampers Thursday and Friday the 20/21st.

SouthPine Shirts

SouthPine shirts have arrived and will be available from the church office this Sunday.  Payment must have been made before collecting.  If you would still like a shirt and have not ordered one, please see Robyn.  There are limited numbers available.  Cost $25.

Treasurer Update                           

For the month of November, we are under budget by $8,162    
Our year to date figure is under budget by $48,041                         
Offerings for November 2018    
Actual offerings for the month  $26,838
Budgeted offerings for the month $35,000
Difference          -$8,162     

Year to date offerings   
Year to date actuals     $336,959
Year to date budgeted $385,000
Year to date difference -$48,041

Christmas Carols – 23 December

We would love each person to be involved with blessing our community during our carols night for at least 1 hour.  There are family fun activities from 5pm and carols on the lawn from 7pm.  Please see Robyn or send an email to if you are able to help.  Would be great to have families or life groups serve together.

Christmas Carols – Second Hand books required (purchased in 2018 only)
If you have any books purchased in 2018 and would be happy to donate, could you please bring them into the church office.   We want to keep this bookstall fairly small and with new releases only.  All unwanted books will go to lifeline afterwards.

Children’s Bibles Needed
We would like to make some children’s bibles available to give out at the Carols.  If you have any children’s bibles sitting around your home that look new and are no longer required, we would appreciate if you could donate them to pass onto someone else.  Please bring to church office.

Small Chocolates Required
If you are happy to forego a coffee this week and purchase instead small chocolates to give out as prizes during our family fun time, could you please drop them into the church office.  No block of chocolates thanks.

Teen Time

Next year Pamela Hacket and Paul Walker are stepping down from their role at Teen Time (grade 6- age 14).  At the moment we do not have anyone to take over this role.  If this is something you would be interested in, please contact Robyn as soon as possible.  Unfortunately we will not be able to continue with this ministry if we are unable to find replacement leaders.  Contact –

Coming Up:

9 December
Church meeting after church

23 December 
Christmas Carols

24 December
Christmas Eve service

25 December
Christmas Day service – Christ is born! 

View more information about our upcoming events on our website

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Sat. 7:30-8:30am – Men’s prayer. 1st & 3rd Sat each mth.
Sun. 8:30am & 4:30pm – Pre-service prayer.

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