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Changes to Youth Program

I’m excited to release to you some significant changes to the Youth strategy at SouthPine. For quite some time it has been a concern that the Friday program has not been effective in reaching out and growing youth. While Brigades continues to flourish and accomplish its goals, the conventional approach to youth has struggled to achieve good outcomes despite several evolutions and incremental adjustments in the leadership team.

It is time for a reset. We need better discipleship and a mix of healthy/fun settings for the youth to build relationships and get to know Jesus. After much consideration, and consultation with various parents, kids, leaders and the eldership we have decided to, for a time, pause the Friday night program, and focus on a Sunday afternoon discipleship setting for the youth. This will then provide a pathway for these teens into the earlier Sunday evening service. With our current teen-time leaders Pamela Hackett and Paul Walker both stepping down at year-end, Dylan and his team will step-in to also run that ministry, providing continuity for the youth.

In October Dylan will begin a challenging discipleship/development program for a smaller group of youth leaders to better equip them for ministry. Then, as soon as is prudent in 2019, Friday nights for youth will resume with a somewhat upgraded and effective format, whilst Sunday discipleship continues.

With any such change there will be a degree of adjustment required and clarification given. Dylan Ball is available to give more detail, and will contact affected families and/or organise meetings as needed. We are looking forward to building a new culture in Youth that grows disciples and prepares them for their challenging world. Contact Dylan via email or phone (0424 422850).

Church News:

Stronger Mens Retreat

For those who haven’t heard yet, we unfortunately had to cancel this retreat due to low numbers.  This retreat was to be a joint venture between a number of churches and through circumstances outside of our control they have been unable to go ahead with this.


Just a reminder to everyone of the power and the huge impact of these shoeboxes. We fill them with beautiful things for children who have so little, but the gift goes much further ! Many of the children who receive the boxes are invited to do a discipleship course that teaches them how to follow Jesus and millions come to know Christ through the simple gift of the boxes. So this is a wonderful opportunity for us to be a part of sharing the gospel.

We have boxes available for you to fill , but for those who would rather donate items, we will be collecting items on a weekly basis starting on Sunday the 9/9/18.

9 – 16 September : Hygiene products. Soap, washers, hairbrushes, combs, toothbrushes

23 –  30 September: Small toys – something to love and something to play with, for boys and girls aged 2 – 14 years Eg. small soft toys, tennis balls, little cars, bangles and hair ties, little dolls. No war toys, religious items or gambling toys.

7 – 14 October: Clothes for boys and girls aged 2 – 14 years.  Shirts, shorts, undies, hats, beanies, thongs, socks, dresses.

21 – 28 October: Stationery:  pens, pencils, pencil crayons ( not wax), erasers, sharpeners, small note books, stickers  etc.

The last day for handing in boxes and donations will be the 4 November.  We thank you so much for your involvement in this wonderful ministry and please feel free to contact us if you have any queries.

Jane Marsland.   0404 803 804
Jo-Anne Pretorius. 0478 633 582
Jill Warner. 0419 654 219

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28 September
New2northside dinner @ Samual Grays AC

18 October
Friendship Club Beach BBQ

22 November
Friendship Club Christmas Lunch

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