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Profile_PatThere are way too many things going on inside the head of any leader than can be mentioned on Sunday. Here I keep you up to date with ideas, vision, plans and even devotional thoughts that might be helpful for you to know.” Pastor Pat Hegarty

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Budget 2018

Download the draft budget here. Historically the SouthPine budget has been presented at the AGM.  Based on feedback throughout the year we have decided to present the 2018 budget during the latter part of 2017.  We are still to confirm the date but most...

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DARE - Domestic Abuse Recovery Education Website: The statistics 1 in 3 women experience DV On average a woman returns to her abuser 7 to 9 times before leaving permanently. The moment a woman tries to leave her risk of death increases...

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Proposed Constitution Update – 2017

On Monday 12th December there was a preliminary meeting of interested members to discuss proposed changes to the South Pine Community Church Constitution. It was a great meeting with positive debate on the key issues of change proposed. Whilst it is not possible to...

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Spirit & Truth Blog

Overcoming Spiritual Exhaustion (Pt. 1)

Do you spend more spiritual energy than you receive? Most people would say yes. They are far more aware of the spiritual and emotional withdrawals in their life than they are of God’s deposits. This can be quite frustrating! Why does it happen and what can we do about it?

Dust and Breath (Pt. 2)

It’s possible to experience the power and presence of God in ways you never dreamed or imagined, this side of heaven. But how can we grow our capacity to engage with this unlimited grace of God?

Dust and Breath (Pt. 1)

How do you respond when you read the New Testament description of life with God? Can you imagine actually seeing seas calmed, bodies healed, thousands saved, and prisoners released? Would you love to see a little more of that for yourself?

The Simple Key to Breakthrough Pt. 1

Are you disillusioned with church life, or simply bored from being under-challenged in your spirituality? Many have given up hope that Christian life can be any different. But, God can revive and transform absolutely anyone, including you. Before I was a...



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